Professional Engineering Management Master’s Degree will enable to deliver and manage complex systems.  The degree will improve your on-the-job performance and maximize your organization’s success. As an effective project manager, you organize scarce resources, work under tight deadlines, control project changes and generate maximum team performance. You will learn how to successfully plan, manage and deliver projects.

   A learning environment design for working professional

  1. Senior faculty who have made significant contributions to the success of project-based technical organizations teach the courses
  2. Industrial scholars (senior level working professionals and leaders) participate in course to offer their perspective to the discussions
  3. Course work is designed with real–world applications for the working professional
  4. The program is completed in ~20 months
  5. Class sessions meet every two weeks for 8 hours
  6. Online course presentations and assignments accessible anytime.

  Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems
4000 Central Florida Blvd., P.O. BOX 162993, Orlando, FL 32816-2993
Phone: 407 882 3367 (or 402 882-EEMP)